Original BBQ sauce

The Origins of Our BBQ Sauce

Our BBQ sauce has its origins in my early childhood as a little girl. My mama, Beatrice “Bebe” Martin was an Enterprise native, and my daddy was an Elba boy. At heart, though, I feel like a Coffee County girl; plus I was born in Enterprise. My mama cooked a lot when we were kids. Everything she made, whether vegetables or her amazing BBQ sauce, had a “healthy” heaping of butter in it. 

As a young adult out on my own, I struggled with cooking and baking, because my mama never wanted my 3 sisters and me “cluttering up her kitchen.” I was privy to her BBQ “makin,'” but tweaked it a little producing my own original recipe. Adding fresh minced garlic and a few other secret ingredients, as well as omitting the butter; I had come up with something pretty tasty. My learning to cook turned into a passion, and, as word spread about my cooking skills, I began to cater for friends and others alike while using my BBQ on Italian meatballs and other dishes. The BBQ sauce caught on like crazy, and soon I was making it for all kinds of people and even shipping my homemade concoction to people in different parts of the country. When we decided to open Corks & Cattle, we were excited to legitimately package my BBQ sauce for the first time as our Corks & Cattle signature sauce with even more creations in mind to come in the future! 

Sadly my sweet mama, who started me on this whole journey, died just a few years ago at the young age of 59. I would have so loved to share the success of this BBQ sauce with her, my incredibly wonderful inspiration; but in my heart I know she is watching from heaven and is proud of our accomplishment.